Bungie is Celebrating Six Years of Destiny


It’s hard to believe, but Bungie and the Destiny community are celebrating the six big years of Guardians protecting the universe. As part of the celebration, developers revealed some pretty cool statistics about the original game and its sequel. The first game originally launched in 2014 with Destiny 2 coming along in 2017.

  • Over 167 million Guardians have joined the fight
  • 8.6 billion gameplay hours have been logged which is the same amount of time it takes 4,806 beams of light to travel from the Sun to the Earth
  • The community has raised over $8.5M for charitable causes
  • 31% of Guardians play Titans, 31% prefer Warlocks, and 38% take on the role of the Hunter

As part of the celebration of 6 years of Destiny, Bungie is offering some great perks:

  • the Shadowkeep and Forsaken expansions will join the Xbox Game Pass starting September 22nd
  • Beyond Light will be launching on November 10th
  • a new poster inspired by Destiny’s memorable characters is now in the Bungie Store with a digital version also available
  • a birthday mug, t-shirt, and a Destiny-themed cookie cutter set are also in the Bungie Store

Check out the Destiny official site to learn more about the big celebration!

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