Celeste – Towerfall Developers’ next game, heads to Nintendo Switch

Climb the mountain, girl.

Towerfall was one of this generation’s more impactful Indie releases back in 2013 (has it really been that long?!), and it seems that the team behind it is onto another retro-looking hit in Celeste.

Back in December, developer Matt Thorson wrote a blog for PlayStation. “I love how a climbing route often looks impossible at first glance, but through experimentation and creative thinking you can find the necessary contortions to scale your way to the top. There are over 200 stages planned, and if you’re thinking it looks like a more hardcore Ice Climbers, you may be onto something. It’s also got the wonderful Lena Chappelle behind the music, which we’ve embedded below.

Celeste is scheduled to be released later this year and will be available to play on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. And as you know, the Switch itself is just days away, launching on March 3rd. Nice to see more and more Indies supporting the platform already.

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  1. Really stoked for this. The idea of a solo adventure after how bad I was at Towerfall makes me happy. At least this way, no one can laugh at me but my kids and wife.

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