Centipede: Recharged Quick Hit Preview


Classic titles are being rereleased and some of them are better than ever. One of these titles is Centipede and it was developed by Adamvision Studios, SneakyBox, and SneakyBox Inc. Centipede: Recharged brings home that sense of nostalgia and gives you something new to go along with it.

Much like the original Atari title, Centipede: Recharged makes you a lone warrior and you have to destroy mushrooms and monsters alike to achieve a high score. The higher your score the better because there is now have a global score chart to base your scores. Strive for the best as this arcade action heats up. It is important to shoot the spiders that pop up on your side of the map as they provide important weapon boosts to keep the centipede at bay. The greatest part is that you can now bring a friend along for two-player coop.

The new challenge mode allows you to test out your skills and the new weapon powerups as you vie for the top score in each challenge. This too is set on a global scoreboard so that you can challenge yourself to beat all of the other scores. Each challenge is more difficult than the last and while some are timed for the fastest scores some are also set to kill as many of a certain type of creature to continue. For example, killing 25 scorpions as they run across the screen at varying times and speeds. It doesn’t take too long to move up the leaderboards or through the challenge maps and they are all pretty fun and tough at the same time.


Overall, Centipede: Recharged is a fun trip down nostalgia lane and it comes with some new improvements to make the time fly by. It is not overly difficult and can be played with a friend from your couch with ease. Available now on most consoles for 9.99 USD.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on the PlayStation 5 with a code provided by PR.

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