Century: Age of Ashes Takes Flight on Multiple Platforms

Playwing has announced that Century: Age of Ashes has taken wing and is now available for PC via Steam with a PC version coming to the Microsoft Store in the near future. The 50-developer team will be releasing the game for Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in 2022.

Century: Age of Ashes allows players to ride dragons into epic PvP battles across three distinct game modes. Each of the three available classes (Windguard, Marauder, and Phantom) is considered to be unique with strengths and weaknesses that add to strategic battles with teammates. Currently, there are three game modes:

  • Carnage – Diving into a team deathmatch killing spree modified with special power-ups
  • Spoils of War – Steal as much gold as you can and protect your team’s nest while adapting to unexpected surprise events
  • Gates of Fire – Clash against the opposition over possession of the flag whilst flying through special gates

As players progress, they will unlock new customization options for both the class character and their dragon. The customization options are cosmetic only as developers are keen to emphasize that this is a game of skill, not a pay-to-win experience.

“Our launch marks the debut of our “Season 0” with a rolling roadmap of live events and updates. Every month, players will have the opportunity to take part in two main events; each with its own set of rules and themed rewards. These events will also serve as testbeds for potential permanent features, and will be key to the launch of our competitive Season 1 later in 2022,” continues Barret. “On top of live events, we will roll out regular tentpole updates to introduce core features to the game. For example, we’re working on a fourth Rider class and Dragon species, new maps, and a PvE mode. We can’t put a date on these updates yet, but there’ll be plenty more to come so keep your eyes peeled.”

Check out the Century: Age of Ashes official site or Steam page to learn more.

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