CES 2020 Skull Canyon Gaming NUC Reinvents Plug And Play

skull canyon gaming NUC

Intel’s Skull Canyon Gaming NUC has just been unveiled at CES 2020 and the latest micro PC is looking to reinvent the way we look at gaming rigs.

This isn’t the first time that Intel has dipped into the micro PC market. In fact, they already have a range of micro NUC PC that compress everything you need to get going into a tiny box that usually measures inches. Now Intel is pushing the limits of this form factor with the Intel NUC 9 Extreme Kit.

While on stage at CES 2020, Intel previewed the series which comes built around the 9th Gen Intel Core H Series processors. NUC system can be configured with an i5 to i9 CPU and should come in with speeds and core counts that are comparable to their full-size desktop counterparts. Talking of their full-size family, this extreme end of the NUC platform looks to be capable of borrowing some fully-fledged discrete graphics cards too. While physical limitations are expected, the chassis has around 8 inches of space, the new Intel gaming system has support for discrete graphics cards to add some real gaming grunt to the Skull Canyon.

In another first, Intel also confirmed that this new series of NUC hardware will be upgradeable in a way we didn’t expect. The core component that houses the CPU and motherboard is replaceable. Owners will be able to plug and play with an entirely new component, utilizing Intel’s Compute Element system. It’s an interesting move that makes the Skull Canyon Gaming NUC more enticing for anybody who wants a VR or gaming system that isn’t locked to sub power integrated graphics and will continue to blur the line between PC and console boxes. We’re still not convinced we’re tossing out the tower quite yet but keep it gamespace for more CES 2020 news through the rest of today.


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