Champions of Fire eSports Event Brings Casual Mobile Games & Influencers Together


Amazon has announced its third major esports event for this year with Champions of Fire. The “casual mobile games” competitive event will take place on December 2-3 at Time Inc. Studios in New York. The tournament will feature a number of casual competitive mobile games and influencers competing for a share of the $50k prize pool.

Here’s the official Champions of Fire announcement:

The tournament will be broadcast live on Amazon Appstore’s Twitch channel, and will air nationwide at a later date on CBS Sports Network.

Champions of Fire differs from other competitive gaming tournaments thanks in part to its focus on casual mobile games and the people who play them. With a shorter learning curve, casual game tournaments are fun to watch as viewers can understand the action almost instantly.. The tournament appeals to a diverse group of core and casual mobile players by combining top gamers with some of the most popular mobile games worldwide.

Participating Games (more to come)

Participating Celebrity Gamers (more to come)

  • Swiftor

  • NampaiKid

  • MystIc7

  • NorthernLion

  • Hafu

  • Naomi Kyle

  • Avajaijai

  • xChocoBars

Amazon continues to expand its mobile esports imprint through competitive events, including the Champions of Fire and Mobile Masters series, which have been viewed by millions of players worldwide over the past year. Through these events, Amazon brings mobile games to life by creating connection, community and content for all mobile gaming fans. Talented celebrity gamers show off their moves, while viewers can engage with each other and learn how to beat some of the very best players in the world.

Amazon’s esports programs offer developers new ways to involve their fans by giving them the opportunity to participate in experiences. Developers partnering with Amazon have access to select activities and events to promote their games and see player engagement reach a whole new level.

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