Channel Your Inner Hitman by Playing the First Location for FREE

IO Interactive is about to make a lot of people’s days today. Fresh off the announcement that they’re keeping the Hitman IP, IO is giving part of it away for free!

Channel Your Hitman

As part of the celebration around the Hitman series continuing, IO is inviting players to check out the first area of the game, called ICA Facility. Anyone on PlayStation 4 and XBox One as well as PC can download it. The first area contains two full missions as well as all cut-scenes. In addition, there are two Escalation Contracts, 40 challenges and 17 achievements. Lastly, creators have made thousands of missions that can be used in Contracts Mode. All of this comes to potential players for free.

Anyone choosing to upgrade to the full version of the game will be able to take advantage of a deep price discount as well as retain all progress made in the free version.

Become the master assassin in an intense spy-thriller story across a world of assassination.
Travel the world from France, Italy & Morocco to Thailand, USA & Japan to take out powerful, high-profile targets.

  • Complete freedom of approach in expansive free form classic Hitman levels
  • 100+ hours of game play will challenge the creativity of all assassins
  • Create your own hits and compete with other assassins in Contracts mode

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