Cheap Video Game Consoles for Students

Game Consoles

There is hardly anyone who can resist the temptation to buy a quality video game console. Despite students may have no money on expensive options, there is always an opportunity to purchase the item that is best in its price range. Are you ready for crazy college gaming parties? Search for professional and quality assignment writing help services before you proceed to the choice of the console. Right, at first, it will take much of your time, so you need to take care of your academic success beforehand.

Buying a console is a special moment, which requires a certain level of competence and determination. It is essential to do a little research, compare available options, find out the pros and cons of each one of them, and make the right choice. Do not get deceived by the attractive cost of the device, as it originally comes with a single controller, a certain amount of internal memory, and no games. It means you will have to spend more money on extras. You can save some by checking speedypaper discount opportunities, but that may not be enough for the desired goodies. Keep in mind subscription to the online game plan and consider it as you get ready to buy a console. Important note: even the cheapest video game device will cost you a pretty penny, so make sure you choose the best option from the diversity of available ones.

Xbox One S

Have you enlisted the assistance of an experienced science homework helper? Well, you are ready for the first review. Xbox One S is a comparatively cheap and affordable video game console. Unlike other options offered on the market, its price starts at $250. However, the quality of the game is not affected by the low cost. Additionally, you will have to purchase first and third party controllers, charging station, and pay for the yearly subscription, which will take an extra $140-150.

Apart from the affordable cost, the Xbox One S will impress you with a range of advantageous features. The library of the console contains a diversity of old and cheap games, which will help you save some. It is also inevitable to mention 4K Blu-rays that are played on the console.

Game Consoles 1

Xbox One X

Similar to the previous device, Xbox One X provides users with access to the game library, but passionate players will definitely have to spend an extra $40-50 on up-to-date games. The sole device will cost you $500. Besides, you will have to spend at least $140 on other essentials. A more powerful and functional device features 4K graphics that will make your gaming experience even more realistic and exciting.

PS4 Slim

What is the cheapest Sony Playstation device? PS4 Slim is one of the most affordable consoles that will cost you around $300. The users will get a chance to play online, receiving free game options monthly. Additionally, the console enables players to get a $40-yearly subscription and save a pretty big sum of money. Be ready to spend more if you want to upgrade your set and purchase controller charging station, extra controllers, and other items.

PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro will cost $400 for amateur players, who will be impressed with excellent 4K graphics, perfect technical characteristics, and the diversity of compatible games. This is an excellent option for game nights and student parties, as it is one of the most cost-effective consoles available on the market. Advanced players will have to spend about $600 to get advanced options, more controllers, and yearly subscription.

Nintendo Switch

Students, who have a limited budget, frequently start with Nintendo Switch, which is an excellent console for its cost. Despite it does not have a huge library of the newest games, it offers a range of classic games, which are enough for inexperienced players. The maximum price of the console with a subscription and other details will reach $450.

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