Check Out 11 Minutes of Best Month Ever Gameplay

Klabater and Warsaw Film School have released a brand new video that showcases 11-minutes of gameplay from Best Month Ever. The point-and-click narrative adventure title will be coming to multiple platforms including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The projected date for the game’s release is as-yet-unknown.

BME centers on the journey of a mother and her young son after Louise learns she has a terminal illness. According to the team, the pair must live a lifetime in four weeks and a mother must prepare her child for a world without her in it.

Features include:

  • Decisions REALLY matter! To keep track of Mitch’s growth as a person, each choice you make adds positive or negative influence to three statistics: Righteousness, Confidence, and Relations. As a result, this changes your story on the go, which makes each player’s experience feel unique.
  • Mother & Son relationship – Not only will their individual fates be subject to change but also their mutual relationship. Best Month Ever is above all else the story of the touching, challenging, and unique bond that can only exist between a mother and son.
  • Different Outcomes – Turn on, tune in, drop out… and decide! Different choices result in different endings of the game. It is up to the player to decide what kind of person Mitch will become and what exactly happened during his memorable journey through the USA with his mother.
  • Weird 60s trip – What a time to travel it was! Canned Heat was singing about “Going Up the Country” while Bob Dylan asked “How does it feel” to have no home and live on the street. Louise and Mitch travel across the country, meeting bikers, hippies, Klansmen, Native Americans, and far-out wanderers of all sorts.
  • No losers here! – Don’t be a square, you can’t ‘lose’ in Best Month Ever! Your decision will shape Mitch as an adult person. He may of course get some kicks on the way, but hey, the story will still be unique and rewarding! Can you dig it?

Check out the full announcement on the Best Month Ever official site.


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