Check Out 15 Minutes Of Kingdom Under Fire 2 RTS Combat

This week we took an opportunity to get a sneak peek at Kingdom Under Fire 2 and we got to pay some of the mid-game missions. join us as we sample the RTS combat that awaits.

Kingdom Unde Fire 2 is the upcoming MMORPG from Gameforg and Blueside GAMES? It takes a rather different approach to the whole kill ten rats fetch quest that MMO players might normally be used to. It sends an army to do the job. This fantasy MMORPG adds a whole new way to play, merging the traditional narrative quest arc of massive online RPGs with the tactical combat of Real Time Strategy games like Warhammer. We’ve been keeping a close eye on this game and when publisher Gameforge invited us to jump in our airship and cruise around the game map, picking missions then we couldn’t say no.

Fire Ice & Orcs

Join us as we pick up a level 12 Elementalist, one of five classes of hero character available on launch, and run through two instances. You’ll get a chance to glimpse the up close and personal combat systems as the Elementalist uses magical forces to protect and punish a range of enemies. During combat, there’s a chance to get an early look at the system’s used to control a variety of battalions, from rampaging Orcs to ranged archers, of which there are around 80 available to choose from.

Starting off in the 4 player Steel Plains instance, our playthrough put a team of warriors in support of Azilia ‘s finest as they attempt to hold back the wrath of a fearsome Orc army. With little in the way of tactical cover, this represents a relatively straightforward engagement in the open. Suffice to say, the day is won, the Orcs are driven back, and there’s loot to be had.

Solo Missions

As well as group instances, which will eventually expand to 16 player dungeons, players will be able to run smaller solo instances. We got a chance to drop into one of these and test out our new combat skills. Forged in fire, our Elementalist wandered through the Flamegrass valley, fending off attacks on the villagers in the surrounding area. With a little more variety and a range of units in play, this probably gives a better, if smaller, scale idea of how gameplay can work. Still, there was no chance of testing out how hard the game’s “Hell Mode” was this time around.

While we’re busy working on our full break down, check out 15 minutes of mid game combat and prepare your own battle plans. Kingdom Under Fire 2 comes to PC this November. You can pre-purchase it or check out more over at the game’s official website now.


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