Check Out 2 New Warframe Trailers for Heart of Deimos

Heart of Deimos is the next major content expansion coming to Warframe and its release is coming later today for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In celebration of the big day, Digital Extremes has released a pair of brand new trailers.

The first trailer shines the spotlight on combat in the game‘s third open-world. Players will traverse a “grotesque landscape teeming with infested creatures”. The goal is to learn more about the local Entrati race and learn more about the infestation.

The new Heart of Deimos Quest will see you following Mother, and her loyal (if a little damaged) servants Loid and Otak, into the sinister mystery that surrounds the Infested Moon of Deimos. You must look past Deimos’ wormed exterior if you ever hope to understand its secrets, Tenno. Collect the tattered remains of Xaku and unleash its Void power to corrupt and confuse enemies. Infuse your Warframes with new Abilities by utilizing the Helminth System aboard your Orbiter. Access Heart of Deimos by completing the Mars Junction on your path through the Star Chart!

The second trailer shines the spotlight on the new Xaku Warframe. What makes this one so cool is that it is the second community-designed Warframe that allows players to “manipulate the Void” to corrupt enemies. It will also launch with today’s content expansion update.

Check out more about the Heart of Deimos expansion on the Warframe official site.


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