Check Out Balan Wonderworld! A New Game From The Creators Of Sonic

Fans of the bright blue streak might want to check out Square Enix’s brand new trailer for upcoming action platformer, Balan Wonderworld.

A New Kingdom

Brought to life by some of the lead talents behind Team Sonic, this brand new adventure was just announced during last night’s Xbox Games Showcase and we couldn’t be more excited by the prospect of visiting this gorgeous looking game. Depicting a vivaciously bright world full of bright characters and unusual platform puzzles, the upcoming 3D action-adventure is set in the eponymous Balan Wonderworld, a place where people of a particular persuasion visit when they reach a turning point in life. This journey seems to weave through floating islands, castles in the sky, and a range of other themed stages as players overcome obstacles and strive to find what is most precious in their life. Take a quick glance at the trailer and it seems that this won’t only appeal to fans of platformers like Yooka Laylee but definitely takes a few thematic nods from Kingdom Hearts.

Director, Yuji Naka (Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise Creator, Team Sonic Co-Founder) and Character Designer, Naoto Ohshima (Sonic the Hedgehog, Doctor Eggman, Team Sonic Co-Founder) mark their first collaboration in almost 20 years and the result should be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X with support for Smart Delivery, PlayStation®5 console, PlayStation®4 console, Nintendo Switch™, and PC (STEAM®) in Spring 2021. While we don’t know a great deal more about Balan Wonderland it is worth keeping an eye here on Gamepsace for more news on this, or you can head over to the official website to dig into the detail. Keep it here for more on everything unveiled at the XBOX Games Showcase Stream.


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