Check Out Pewdiepie’s Arkade Motion Blaster

Arkade and Pewdiepie just unveiled the Arkade Motion Blaster and kicked off an Indiegogo campaign that might interest any of you that are still knee-deep in Doom Eternal.

We all love going all-in on the odd FPS game and new tech manufacturer Arkade is betting that their new controller will pull gamers deeper into the action. The Arkade Motion Blaster controller is a shotgun shaped device that promises deeper immersion and wide compatibility with one of the mainstays of the PC gaming scene. Connecting directly to PC’s and via a companion mobile app, it allows players to experience hundreds of FPS games using 360-degree point and shoot action.

Plastic Fantastic

The announcement, that just dropped, gives potential funders a look at this multi-coloured device. At just under an arm’s length, the Arkade controller comes decorated using some slick paint jobs and a range of LED lights that track health, reloading, firing, status effects and more in game. The device appears to utilize a form of gyro tracking, based on our observations, and also includes analog controller sticks. Alongside these control functions, it appears that Arkade has a full range of action buttons attached to the barrel of the blaster for plenty of additional explosive action.

“The Arkade Motion Blaster is the best way to play shooter games on both PC and mobile. It’s an extension of the player’s body that delivers an incredibly immersive experience as their dodges, cover and fire are reflected in the game using motion tracking for precision aiming and shooting,” said Josh Fuchs, Arkade Co-CEO & CTO. “We’re incredibly excited to begin offering the Blaster to users soon and will use their support of the campaign to deliver a game-changing technology for fans of FPS gaming

While it’s easy to wave off the Arkade Motion Blaster as a try-hard piece of plastic, the concept seems to be quite unique. The team behind the campaign purport compatibility with a ton of PC games like Doom Eternal and PUBG and even confirm compatibility with GeForce Now. The plastic weapon currently has mobile support with over 40 top Android titles already on board. If the Arkade Motion Blaster manages to make shooting up your friends and enemies more immersive then I might even consider grabbing one for my VR setup.

This isn’t a Kickstarter and Arkade is ready to go into production after the current campaign on Indiegogo completes. You can check out the Arkade Indiegogo website and pledge the $99 for one of these from now until 24 April.


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