Check Out The Disintegration launch Trailer

Disintegration, the upcoming title from Halo co-creator creator Marcus Lehto and his studio V1 Interactive just dropped this intense new launch trailer.

Published by the good people over at Private Division, Disintegration is due to begin the fight for humanity on 16 June across PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. The new launch trailer gives players a glimpse of what’s coming up when the interesting new take on combat hits PCs and consoles. Taking place in Earth’s future where extreme climates, overpopulation, food shortages, and global pandemics have decimated civilization as we know it. Disintegration finds a world clinging to survival where humanity took some drastic measures to survive.

Lock and Load Up

In order to get through these hard times much of the human populace had their brain removed and surgically encased inside a robotic armature; a process known as Integration. Many years later it seems that this temporary measure leaves little escape and players load up Romer, an integrated character whose mission is to lead a small group of Outlaws back towards their humanity. You won’t simply get to download, however. Totalitarian forces of overwhelming magnitude will try to stop you, pitting players against an entire single player campaign.

Take a first person view as Distingetration mixes strategic elements with some traditional run and gun gameplay to construct a very different type of shooter. Deploy your forces, pick the best weapons, and fly into attack the established order before breaking out into a multitude of multiplayer skirmishes too. Check out our Beta test impressions for a glimpse of those, and then take a look at the new trailer and check out what’s at stake before you reboot humanity on 16 June. Check out more about Disintegration over at the official website or load up Gamespace nearer the launch window for our thoughts on this intriguing new titles.

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