Check Out The Logo On Snakebyte’s New Game:Mouse Ultra


Snakebyte has just launched its brand new Game:Mouse Ultra, a top-end desktop peripheral that is designed to take on the best and comes with a very cool twist.

Along with some precision-engineered components, the Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra builds on Snakebyte’s existing Key:Board Ultra with the option to make your very own mark. The latest Snakebyte peripheral comes with a palm rest that can be customized with a gamer’s very own logo. That’s right. RGB lighting, internal weights, quality components, and the option to have your own team logo laser etched onto your weapon of choice.

Pick A Pattern

Once you’ve picked a pattern, there is plenty more to admire from Snakebyte’s new mouse. When we got a deeper dive around the mouse at Gamescom 2019, we got a look at the five customizable action buttons all fixed around a shell that holds three adjustable weights. We already know how the Game:Mouse Ultra feels in hand but the 7 stage-DPI settings provide plenty of flexibility all the way up to 16,000 Dpi. All this is augmented y a set of changeable RGB lighting that can be fully customized with the Game:Mouse Ultra’s bespoke software.

As we noted at Gamescom 2019, the Game:Mouse Ultra is an obvious attack on the top tier peripherals of the market and an opportunity for Snakebyte to show gamers what it can do. it’s no surprise, therefore, that the new mouse is accompanied by a set of high quality gaming surfaces. The Mouse:Pad Ultra RGB and Mouse:Pad Ultra XL RGB offer up two slip resistant RGB illuminated gaming surfaces that stretch all the way to 80 x 30cm in XL format.

Instead of breaking down all the features, head over to our hands on from earlier in the year and check out our thoughts. the Game:Mouse Ultra and its associated surfaces are shipping to major online retailers and storefronts as of today so you can make this mouse distinctly yours.


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