Check Out This AFK Arena – Tales of Esperia: Desperation Short

AFK Arena Heralds a New Adventure with an epic Tales of Esperia: Desperation Animated Film

Lilith Games has just unleashed a gorgeous new animated short ahead for AFK Arena, titled Tales of Esperia: Desperation and let’s just say we’re ready for battle now.

Following an initial teaser trailer back in early September 2020, fans of the mobile AFK Arena franchise began preparing for a brand new set of heroes in this ongoing tale of Esperia. After an initial introduction to the characters of Zaphrael, Lucretia, and their son, this new animated short picks up shortly after the end of earlier teaser and plunges us straight into the consequences of an ongoing war.

Beautiful Battles

With battle raging between the Hypogean and Celestials, the lower realm and its mortal coils are simply cannon fodder and conduits for these powerful entities. Viewers eager to find out more about Afk Arena’s newest characters can now watch the consequences of this war play out in a brutal and devastating way. You’ll also get under the skin of the two newest entrants onto the mobile battlefield. Coming in at around 5 minutes of action and fantastically animated by the team at Brunch Studios, a Parisian outfit you might recognise from their work on a clutch of 2D music Videos, the Tales of Esperia: Desperation entrance of Zaphrael and Lucretia, brings two very different heroes to AFK players. Set on two different paths of duty and revenge, while intertwined by shared grief these two sides of the battlefield provide plenty of varied abilities in-game already. Lucretia the Betrayed is an agility-based ranger while Zaphrael is an intelligence-based mage.

Free Stuff

Thankfully, players who haven’t already managed to nab both these heroes will be able to try out these skills for free. Right now, and up until the end of the month, players logging in and watching the Tales of Esperia: Desperation short in game can benefit from an ongoing Desperation Event and score either an Elite Zaphrael or Lucretia just by watching the aforementioned trailer in game.

We’re sometimes a little harsh on the smaller screen versions of the classic RPG franchise but if Lilith and AFK Arena are set to follow League of Legends and Overwatch by introducing their new characters with incredible looking shorts like this then I think I might be going AFK if only to read the lore. You can find out more about the AFK lore or check out the Tales of Esperia: Desperation short over at the official AFK Arena Website now.

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