Check Out This New Super Meat Boy Forever Gameplay

Get ready meat sacks, team meat just unveiled a bunch of new Super Meat Boy forever gameplay and it’s gloriously messy.

As part of a developer livestream last night, Team Meat unveiled gameplay footage of the upcoming meat Boy project, Super Meat Boy Forever. The live stream took place to commemorate the original Meat Boy’s 10 year anniversary and fans of the franchise can now get a look at the light world and dark world in the first 4 chapters in the game, spoiler free of course. The gameplay footage also includes a bunch of detail that reveals how New Game Plus works in Super Meat Boy Forever and some other stuff that you’ll just have to see for yourself. It’s certainly the first big look we’ve had since we got hands on at Pax 2018.

“Much has happened in the decade since Super Meat Boy launched on Xbox Live Arcade,” said Team Meat co-founder and Creative Director Tommy Refenes. “A new generation of consoles came and nearly went, some folks made a movie about the development of Super Meat Boy, 2020 happened and the less said about that the better. And we’re proud that Meat Boy remains as beefy and bloody as ever!”

New Arrivals

Like any solid sequel to a platforming dynasty, Super meat Boy Forever adds a bunch of new characters to the mix. Super Meat Boy and bandage girl now have an offspring and the bairn has been whisked away by Dr Fetus. It’s up to the concerned parents, and a range of other new faces, to face the horrors that this nemesis has erected and get through the grind to save their spawn.

As well as new characters, Super meat Boy has some new abilities in the upcoming instalment of the series. Players controlling the meat stack will be able to wallop anything that gets I the ay with a mean right fist, best for tenderising those stubborn minions of Fetus.

These are only a couple of the changes you’ll notice. To take a look at all of them, head above and watch the full video. You’ve got plenty of time to do so, Super Meat Boy Forever will launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC when it is ready.

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