Check Out Your Gaming Year With The PlayStation Wrap-Up 2020

PlayStation wrap-up 2020 banner

For owners of Sony’s PlayStation platforms, the PlayStation Wrap-Up 2020 is now available to give a glimpse back at your year in gaming.

Much like the infamous end of the year Spotify reports, PlayStation has put together its own end of year wrap up report giving us a collective glimpse at the headline number from 2020. Dropped over on the Sony blog last night, the PlayStation Wrap-Up 2020 report is available to players with a PSN account and can be accessed by clicking on the dedicated PlayStation Wrap-Up 2020 Report link.

Alongside plenty of personal information on your trophies earned and most played games, the report drops lots of interesting facts for us to mull over. With over 200 million hours logged in the Last of Us 2 across the globe, it seems that being divisive in some quarters didn’t stop this follow up zombie basher from being hugely popular. It also seems that PlayStation owners are fearsome warriors, with 834 million enemies collapsing in fear in Ghost of Tsushima during 2020 too.

200 million hours plays in the last of us part 2


As an added bonus, anybody who receives the end of year report either in their email or over on the Sony website may be able to pick up a new dynamic theme for the PlayStation 4 which features PlayStation Shapes. It doesn’t appear that anybody who just picked the shiny new PlayStation 5 for the first time or has been holding onto their PS Vita will be getting that reward, however.

You can check out your gaming habits and find out how many runs were pitched in MLB over the course of 2020 at the PlayStation Wrap-Up 2020 report blog post now.

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