Chernobylite Strange Doll Diary Peers Deeper Into The Fate Of Pripyat

Developer The Farm 51 just released another new developer diary and this new look behind the scenes is set to give players a little more insight into the dolls that litter this abandoned world.

Chernobylite might be all weird green portals and terrifying shadows, but something a little bit more mundane and equally terrifying can be found littered among this horror. Between the evacuated orphanages and abandoned pools, players stepping into Chernobylite’s fictional recreation of Pripyat might notice a number of dolls creeping around this surreal backdrop. Dolls feature heavily in Chernobylite, and while they aren’t quite as immediately threatening as a shadow stalking through the local shrubbery, they elicit something of an odd unease themselves.

Wojciech Pazdur, Creative Director of Chernobylite, takes some time to detail exactly how dolls work in-game. The latest developer diary touches on the human story behind these in-game items, the reasons they might be left behind, and how the team came up with the idea of using dolls while they were scanning the real world around Chernobyl. Of course, you can expect these dolls to be a little more lifelike than the ones left behind in the real world, but we’re not going to spoil that part.

If you haven’t picked up a doll in Chernobylite, then you’re missing a huge section of the story, and if you’re yet to try out this well received survival horror, then you can find out more about the tale of scientist Igor, and his ill-advised trip into the shadow of Chernobyl over on the Chernobylite website. The game follows the aforementioned scientist as he steps back into the town of Pripyat to find the fate of his beloved. As it turns out something more sinister and otherworldly is on the loose too. This mix of survival, horror, and sci-fi even got an update recently, making it worth a visit if you missed the fun over the holidays.

If you’re still undecided then, we’re giving away even more copies of the game very soon. Just beware, while this adventure is based on real world 3D scans of Chernobyl’s exclusion zone, there are more threats waiting in Chernobylite than the local deer. Chernobylite is out now on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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