Chernobylite Monster Hunt DLC Is Now Available On Consoles

Chernobylite’s Monster Hunt update has finally come stomping onto consoles today, and players can take aim for free.

Don’t relax for a moment, there be monsters in Chernobylite today as the first free update for the survival horror comes t consoles. The free update first hit PC versions of the title back in October 2021, but is now available for owners of Chernobyltie across Xbox and PlayStation 4, after a 3 month wait. This new add on for our adventure in Pripyat adds in three new monster types to the Chernobyl exclusion zone, making a raft of already dangerous challenges even more hazardous. Each of the impressive new encounters come with their own mechanics, abilities, and dangers that should keep anybody playing on their toes.

If you want to look your best and still track down these new foes, then developer The Farm 51 has also crafted the Autumn Dread weapon skin pack for players. This is a paid addition but provides a range of new looks for an eerie first person perspective. The Autumn Dread pack goes live on Xbox from 18 January and on PlayStation from 25 January and will cost just $3.99/€3.99/£3.29.

That’s not everything that console players can expect either,. The new update also patches issues, makes some tweaks, and improves the Black Stalker’s mechanics, based on player feedback. For an idea of what’s coming, check out the trailer above, and keep an eye on Gamespace for exclusive developer updates from The farm 51, and behind the scenes of this creepy monster hunt. Find out more on the official Chernobylite website.

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