Cherrymochi Prepare To Pull Back The Curtain On Exit Veil

Exit Veil

Cherrymochi, the independent studio behind visual novel Tokyo Dark, has announced a spooky new tale called Exit Veil.

Years after Tokyo Dark delved down into the realms of Japanese folk tales and modern horror, one of our favorite indie studios, is back with a new idea that looks likely to take on the surface level supernatural aspirations of games like Ghostwire Tokyo with a deep and inventive twist. While we will find out more later this week, the development team has described this as everything they love about JRPGs spliced with its very own magical space. We can expect deep and twisting storylines, conflicted characters, strategic turn based combat all wrapped up in shifting realm full of corrupted dreamscapes. As players delve into the shifting Labyrinths of the Archetypes, they will wield a fully integrated Tarot deck brimming with secrets to unlock and work their way through an experience that puts the focus on healing.

head sculpture - exit veil exit veil screenshot stnanding in front of a head sculpture

Kickstarter Campaign

Anybody as intrigued as we are by the early screenshots will be able to support the creation of this new game when the Exit Veil Kickstarter begins. We don’t have any concrete details about the tiers, rewards, or even the Kickstarter launch date. What we do know that anybody signing up in the first 72 hours of the crowdfunding campaign’s go live will get their name in the game as a Shadow of Malkuth. Exactly what or who Malkuth is, we will have to see. For now, you can keep in touch with the campaign and get notified when it arrives on the Kickstarter page.

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