Children of the Worm is the Next Back 4 Blood DLC Expansion

Back 4 Blood

Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios have announced details about the next Back 4 Blood content DLC. Called “Children of the Worm”, the DLC brings a brand new story campaign to the game along with other feature enhancements and quality of life improvements. It’s coming sooner than folks think as well. According to the dev team, Children of the Worm will be released on all available platforms on August 30th. The DLC is part of the B4B Annual Pass, Deluxe Edition, and Ultimate Edition or it can be purchased separately.

Children of the Worm will feature a brand-new story campaign that puts players into an epic showdown with a fierce new enemy threat. To help combat this unknown adversary, the expansion will introduce “Prophet” Dan, a gun-toting, self-proclaimed preacher of the end times, who joins the growing list of playable Cleaners in their effort to save humanity. Children of the Worm will also include eight exclusive character skins and 12 exclusive weapon skins, along with new weapons, accessories, and cards.

This DLC comes on the heels of the recently-released Tunnels of Terror content expansion as well as several free content updates to the game that added new skins, legendary items, burn cards, emblems, sprays, and more.

Check out the Back 4 Blood official site to learn more.

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