Chime Sharp Picks Up The Beat on Switch

Chime Sharp

Chime Sharp, looks like Tetris got genetically spliced with a music synthesizer, dropped into a hypnotic dream, and covered neon. Now, this challenge is out on Nintendo’s Switch.

The follow up to Chilled Mouse’s original 2009 release, Chime, this sequel has already seen time on PC, mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. After its initial outing, this version of the puzzler brings a whole new set of options to players. While Chime Sharp takes the basic block building mechanics that occur in everything from Tetris 99 to Crystal Crisis and adds a musical element. While players try to fill a playing grid by placing blocks together, a pulsating breakbeat plays in the background. This melody reads each of the blocks as notes and remixes as the game progresses, making for something that sounds almost procedural. As this all plays out, players must battle the clock and rack up as many points as possible.

What’s New?

Chime Sharp includes a host of notable artists including Kavinsky, CHVRCHES, Steve Reich, Los, Chipzel, Andy Hung, Message to Bears, Timothy Schmalz, Magic Sword, Shirobon, Noveller, Haiku Salut, Luc Grey, A Mote of Dust, Symbion Project, and CFCF. It’s not all about the music, however. Chime harp adds an additional 16 levels to the originals outing and a bunch of new game types. Four unlockable game modes put a twist on mechanics by introducing a life system, time limits, and new shapes and grid designs. If you loved Just Shapes & Beats then this sounds like it might strike a chord with you. You can get a sample of the beats in the Switch trailer, below.

Chime Sharp is out now on the Nintendo Switch. You can find out more about this puzzler at the official website or pick it up from the Nintendo eShop.

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