Chinatown Detective Agency: Day One, The Prologue Is Free On Steam

Chinatown Detective Agency, a fantastic looking new indie investigation from Singaporean Studio General Interactive Co., just released a Day one prologue for free.

Available now, and coming later on Nintendo Switch, the Chinatown Detective: Day One prologue is an opportunity for players interested in setting up their own near future detective operation to check out the first three cases of the Chinatown Detective Agency. Coming ahead of a full game launch, the prologue for Chinatown Detective Agency is the first glimpse that Kickstarters and interested parties have had sine the title pushed through its stretch goals to raise more than $75,000 via crowdfunding.

Anybody that hasn’t had the opportunity to hear the pitch for Chinatown Detective Agency yet might not yet know that the Day One prologue for this upcoming indie adventure is a first step into the future. I a world where the global economy is entirely off-kilter and Singapore stands as the last real refuge of law and order, you play the role of newly minted private investigator Amira Darma. Inspired by the classic Carmen Sandiego series, Chinatown Detective Agency could have just as easily seen the game’s protagonist, and ex Interpol agent, setup shop to follow cheating spouses or track down missing pets. Instead, fate has something much more exciting in mind for players ready to jump into this point and click cyber noir experience.

While the full tale won’t unravel until early 2021, players can grab this early challenge now. From your base in the Lion City of Singapore, you will be able to solve cases with real-world research, travel the globe in pursuit of clues and criminals while managing both your time and your team, without forgetting to grab a bite of the local delicacies at the nearest hawker’s market. Check out the fully voice acted trailer above and head over to Steam to try out life as a PI before Chinatown Detective Agency hits PC and Nintendo Switch next year.

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