Chinatown Detective Agency Kickstarter Begins Today

Chinatown Detective Agency, a new mystery that we’ve been excitedly waiting for, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign today.

Setting up shop on PC, Chinatown Detective Agency is a globetrotting detective adventure that takes very obvious inspiration from the likes of L.A. Noire, Black Mirror and Blade Runner. This mix of cyber noir neon and gritty crime thriller, puts players firmly in the role of Amira Darma, once a rising star at INTERPOL, now a freshly minted Private Investigator. Starting out in the Chinatown district of Singapore, Amira is loose cannon in a world where order is barely paper-thin and the chaos of financial collapse is ongoing, and her first client hasn’t even stepped through the front door.

Good Hands

From the studio behind indie game Terroir, Chinatown Detective Agency features a point and click mystery that sprawls across more than 30 different destinations and puzzles that require some real-life research to solve. The fully voice acted cast inhabit a pixely perfect world that harks back to the retro cyber adventures of the 80s. With such an ambitious project, it would be easy to get lost in the adventure but bills need to be paid in the game in real life.

The Kickstarter for Chinatown Detective Agency is already live and will run for another 32 days. Players can pledge form as little as $18 dollars for a digital edition of the game up to a stellar $1000 option that includes three copies of the game, the options of writing a case file, t-shirt, art book –digital assets, your face in the background, postcards, wallpapers, a soundtrack, and Discord access. Of course, you can find various more affordable options in between. If you are interested in this Chinatown Detective Agency Kickstarter then check out the trailer above or download the alpha demo from Then, head over and pay a hungry gumshoe desperate for work.


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