Chinatown Detective Agency Now Opening For Business in 2022

chinatown detective agency - neon backdrop and a canal

Chinatown Detective Agency, the stylish cyber noir detective story, is now set to open its doors and launch in Spring 2022.

Chinatown Detective Agency may have been announced back in 2019, but the upcoming point and click from General Interactive Co, is pushing back its expected launch date and is now set to launch in 2022. In an announcement made this morning, the team behind this chic adventure confirmed that Humble Games will be picking up the duties of PC publishing, adding to their contract to get the game out on console.

While we don’t have an exact date for the release of Chinatown Detective Agency, we do have plenty of insight into what to expect. Inspired by classic Carmen Sandiego games of the early 90s, this mystery takes place in a future world where society has collapsed. The remaining vestigates of civilization are crammed into Singapore, including the detective agency of Amira Darma. OA ex Interpol agent, now private eye, Amira will head out into the world in pursuit of criminals, witnesses, and clues. Players will need to do real-world research and investigation to uncover clues to a deep conspiracy without losing track of time. While you talk with dozens of unique voice-acted characters and explore the backstreets of this dystopia, time is money and you don’t want to go broke either.


In among the crimefighting and bookkeeping, players will find an incredible looking world full of old cities and new neon backdrops. General Interactive Inc gave anybody waiting on doors opening a deep dive into this new world in a Livestream just last night. You can check that out below.

If the cool landscapes and the host of indie awards have convinces you then, Chinatown Detective Agency is coming to PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. PC players can already wishlist the game today via the Humble Store and Steam.

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