Chinatown Detective Agency Taking Cases Next Year

Chinatown Detective Agency is busy taking clients ahead of release in 2020. Join the premier detectives of cyberpunk Singapore as they crack open this point and click title.

Developed y indie team General Interactive Co and coming to PC, via Steam, this point and click adventure drags players into Singapore circa 2032. the world hasn’t changed all that much. While the technology might have moved on and the aesthetic is distinctly retro, there are still plenty of scumbags littering the streets and the economy continues to teeter on the brink. With a strain on the public purse, private detective agencies are the norm and the game’s protagonist, Amira Darma, swaps Interpol for entrepreneurial freedom.

Playing as a PI, players picking up Chinatown Detective Agency will manage their new agency, spending resources and picking up cases where you can. You will use your sleuthing skills to track down criminals and uncover plots that need to see the light of day. Of course, there is more to the adventure than point and click puzzles. Our player character will happen upon a global conspiracy that they hadn’t signed up for. A deep and intriguing narrative is promised as this indie adventure unravels before us.

This mix of noir cyberpunk coated in a retro point and click adventure is right up my dark alley and if you are ready to save Singapore then you can head over to the official Steam Page and wishlist the game now. T won’t arrive until 202, but that’s still quicker than waiting for the far flung future or Chinatown Detective Agency. Otherwise, you can check out the trailer for a glimpse of the game and head over to the official website for more details.




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