Chinatown Detective Agency to Launch in Spring 2022

During yesterday’s ID@Xbox Showcase, Humble Games and General Interactive Co. announced that Chinatown Detective Agency will be launching in Spring 2022. The announcement came alongside a brand new trailer that is set for release on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and Humble Store.

The trailer introduces viewers to the protagonist, “hardboiled Singaporean PI” Amira Darma, and her voice actress Leonie Koh. It further showcases the title’s 80s-90s inspired gameplay that is heavily inspired by the Carmen Sandiego series.


  • Unravel a global conspiracy – Travel the globe from your base in Singapore in search of leads, and talk with dozens of uniquely voiced characters each with their own mysterious agendas.
  • Become the investigator – The mysteries of Chinatown Detective Agency require real-world investigation. You’re not just playing a detective, you’re becoming one.
  • Work Smart – Time is money, and the clock is always ticking. Make good use of the time you have and to keep your agency, and yourself, alive.
  • Assemble a Team – You’re going to need assistance. To succeed in investigating cases and solving mysteries, you’ll have to keep your business running and your staff happy.
  • Lose Yourself in the Future – Neon lamp-light reflected in pools of rainwater. Anti-government graffiti daubed across aging subways. The encroaching murk of riverside London.

Check out the Chinatown Detective Agency official site to learn more.

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