Chivalry 2 Closed Alpha & Lore Trailer

Chivalry 2 Closed Alpha & Lore Trailer

The developers from Torn Banner Studios have announced the closed alpha test stage for Chivalry 2. Make sure to sign up for a chance to charge into medieval combat in March 2020.

The purpose of the Closed Alpha testing phase is to get players’ first impressions of Chivalry 2 and to see what we can improve to make the playing experience even better, before the game’s final release. Our community’s opinions and feedback are important to us. We aim to make changes to the game based on that feedback, while maintaining the overall vision for the game.

In an early Alpha state, the game that players will first get their hands on is an early version and is without much of the polish that will be done closer to release date. In the development pipeline, polish and performance come after the gameplay has been solidified. Because of this, you should expect to see some wonky transitions between animations, for example, and bugs along the way at this early Alpha stage that will not be present in the final game.

Check out the Chivalry 2 Closed Alpha FAQ to learn more. Please note:

  • The Closed Alpha will be subject to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), preventing any public sharing of game media (videos, streams or still images) and restricting discussion to a private forum.
  • Servers will only be available in Europe and North America, until further notice.

In addition to the alpha announcement, the developers also shared the lore trailer for the game.

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