Chronicles of Nyanya Lets You Live Out Your Kitty Fantasy

Chronicles of Nyanya

If you’re looking for a new RPG to sink your claws into, look no further than the Chronicles of Nyanya. Fat Dog Games has announced that the game will be available on Steam starting November 18th.

Chronicles of Nyanya

If you’ve ever wanted to be a cat, this game provides the perfect opportunity including appropriately kitty-based humor. You will become a cat that, though no fault of her own, becomes a CATSSASSIN on a mission to save the world. You’ll find standard RPG elements including questing, reputation and brutal fights, sneaking around on little cat feet and solving puzzles.

Check below, we haz it: 

  • Fun!
  • Drama!
  • Parody!
  • Cuteness!
  • Insane plot!
  • Chosen ones!
  • Burning cities!
  • Dangerous enemies!
  • Traumatic characters!
  • Beautifully drawn kittens!
  • Character reputation and choices!


If that piques your interest, head to the official Steam page to learn more.


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