Chronicles of Nyanya Reveals CATastrophically Fabulous Features

The Chronicles of Nyanya is an upcoming game about an ordinary cat. However, she quickly becomes…something MORE after a CATastrophe. Fat Dog Games is ready to show off what Nyanya is all about in this new trailer.

Chronicles of Nyanya

When you play Nyanya, you’ll take part in a multi-part story with deep conversation options as well as enjoy beautiful artwork. If you’re a cat fan, you’re also in luck, as everything in the game is cat related. The game also features “meow”-velous humor and non-linear tasks to complete. You’ll have to be on your little cat toes, however, as you need to earn reputation with various groups to receive special quests.

The developers put it best, we think, “Basically, you play with cats, which can talk, and do stuff. Which is always awesome.”

The game passed Steam Greenlight, received positive reviews and a very warm welcome from the gamers. It will be out on Steam on 18th of November. The developers plan to release more updates very soon so feel free to add the game to Your wishlist on Steam, and follow us on social media!

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