ChronoBlade Pre-registration Opens – Defend The Multiverse, On Your Phone!


Mobile developer nWay has opened up pre-registration for its upcoming side-scrolling brawler, ChronoBlade. Set to release in March on both iOS and Android, ChronoBlade lets the player pick from four unique heroes to battle across the Multiverse, defending the many versions of Earth from the invading armies of the Chronarch Imperium.

Familiar to anyone who has ever played a 2-D fighting game, nWay has upped the ante by modernizing the genre with intense arcade combat and console-quality 3-D graphics in both a single-player campaign and PVP battles. Fighting across dozens of levels in the single-player campaign, each character comes with 30 attacks at their disposal, with an “easy-to-learn control-scheme” allowing players to unleash massive combos on minions and bosses alike. The PvP mode will have best-in-class connectivity across mobile and wifi networks, meaning skill and timing will be critical in the real-time synchronous matches. Along with the sizeable move list and combo potential, players will use a customizable equipment system to create a unique character that fits their play style.

Building upon the experience gained from last year’s Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, nWay CEO Taehoon Kim says, “Between the massive single-player mode and online matchmaking capabilities, ChronoBlade is already feeling like another incredible win for our team!” To follow ChronoBlade’s development you can visit them on Twitter, and don’t forget to pre-register on their official website.

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