Chucklefish Slide Cool New Trailer For Deck-Builder Wildfrost

Chucklefish look to be getting quite the warm reception for the reveal of elemental deck builder Widlfrost, coming to PC and Nintendo Switch.

Unveiled today with plenty of excitement and a swish looing new trailer, Wildfrost is due to deal out some adventure on PC and Nintendo Switch when it hits shelves in Winter 2022. The latest title from the publisher of Eastward, Inmost, and Starbound is set to take back a mythic world overrun by the Wildfrost. To achieve that sunny aim, players will need to build a deck of charming champions and powerful elemental items. Pulled from the eclectic population of Snowddwell village, your own team of colorful miscreants will take on a range of challenges to push back eternal winter.

The vibrant aesthetic aside, this upcoming release looks to be a wonderful mix of adventure mechanics and more traditional roguelike deck dealing. While you pick a leader from a range of tribal heads, you’ll recruit new card companions and equip them with equipment to enhance their inherent power. During encounters, a dynamic counter system will help players on the backfoot turn the tide of battle and take down frosty foes.

With a little bit of Gwent and a sprinkling of Monster train atop this snowcone, we’re defiantly ready to get the gloves off when Wildfrost launches. For an idea of what’s coming in from the cold, check out the official reveal trailer and head over to the official Wildfrost website for more.

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