CHUWI Reveals the UBook – Powerful 2-in-1 Tablet PC

CHUWI, makers of affordable tablets and laptop PCs, is at it again, with what might be their most exciting project yet. Yesterday, the company officially announced plans to create the Ubook, a slim 2-in-1 tablet PC with up to 1TB in storage. Unlike their other 2-in-1 PCs, the Ubook clearly takes inspiration from the HP Spectre and Microsoft Surface Go but plans to deliver those features at a sub-$400 price point.

If you’ve never seen PCs like the Sceptre, the idea is simple: pair a high-powered tablet with a high-quality docking keyboard and trackpad, and load it up with Windows 10; the project, in essence, is a laptop with a detachable screen and pressure sensitive stylus. You can use it like a PC when you’re working at your desk and on the production floor or classroom when you need to take notes.

CHUWI isn’t skimping on the specs, either. The Ubook is planned to ship with an Intel Core M3 dual core, four thread processor clocked to 2.2GHz and an Intel HD Graphics 515 integrated GPU. 8GB of DDR3 will ensure snappy performance even with multiple tasks open and a 30.4 watt-hour battery will deliver the juice required for long sessions of work and play. You can opt for a full 1TB SSD, too, or keep things a bit smaller at 128GB in an alternate version. The screen should also look crisp with a FHD 1920×1080 resolution on an 11.6 inch display.

Often, 2-in-1 PCs suffer from a lack of IO. CHUWI knows this and is included an impressive array of connectivity options. The Ubook will have two USB-A ports and a third USB Type-C. You’ll have a microSD expansion slot for additional storage, headphone and microphone ports, and a Micro HDMI for use with an external display. It’s clear they don’t want the Ubook viewed as “just another” tablet with a keyboard. This is a full-fledged laptop that just happens to have a removeable display.

The Ubook is planned to launch on Kickstarter in the coming weeks. The target price following the campaign will be affordable at under $400 but registering your email address at the official site will net you a 25% discount on the final product. Head over to the official site to learn more and register for email updates (and your discount!)

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