Cities Skylines: Parklife DLC Review

The folks over at Paradox Interactive have bought out another Cities Skylines DLC and of course, I had to jump in and see what building-simulator mischief they are up to this time! After three years, I liken updates similar to visiting an elderly relative who is going to complain about the same things and ask the same questions as the last time you visited and the time before that. Cities Skylines always has you shaking your head and smiling fondly at the same time. With Parklife, this nostalgic familiarity continues. Thanks for stopping by to read our Cities Skylines: Parklife review.

Navigating your way around Parklife is always straightforward, look for maps that have the Parklife symbol then get ready to understand that Parklife is not just about the sprawling, manicured lawns with a duck pond though if this is your jam get quacking! With this DLC we get four different themes just find your Park Districts menu on the UI and choose from:

– City Parks
– Nature Reserves
– Amusement Park
– Zoo’s

What got me excited fast is that unlike your common park area’s you may have experienced previously like in Cities Skylines Green City, Parklife allows you to edit over such areas or wherever you wish, so your chosen theme puts itself in between everything filling in empty spaces already there! All you need to ensure is that there is a place for you to put that themed parks gate that you can use to apply a surcharge for tourists and sightseers who will visit by the busload if you wish!

Once you choose your Park District and place your gate, assets will unlock for you to level up with your theme including many finer details involved in a park from benches to trash cans, food trucks and gazebos just to name a few. Parklife emphasizes the life part offering more free-form opportunities so you can place what you like, where you like. When I first started I just wanted to fill it all in with a nature reserve, fencing area’s and adding trees. Parklife makes whatever map you choose look lusher and lived in which is always the ultimate goal for any building-simulator fan. Yes, you can mix up themes but each place is a destination so it pays to please your visitors with an experience. Keep the city happy!

Yes there is also a park maintenance building that sends out a crew to keep your parks fancy, which you really should try not to skip and like public transport and airship pads you have control over creating sightseeing tours. As you get use to the park menu and everything now at your fingertips you will then promptly notice days have already gone by without you realizing! City Skylines Parklife brings free-form I have been itching for, for so long but with that comes needing more time and consideration as you’ll notice unlike every other Cities Skylines DLC – buildings and roads automatically fill as you direct. In Parklife however, you must manually place everything. So think about that before you build too large, too quickly and take it one park at a time! (Yes I am speaking from experience!)

Note: Our review was done on PC with a code provided by the developer.

I can easily admit that Parklife is by far my favorite DLC though I have not played them all which I hope to rectify someday so I can decide 100% if Parklife does indeed top them all. What is missing for me a little though (besides time) is that I wish I could zoom in more, before this DLC it was sufficient but I’m finding with free-form building I want to look inside everything. Get more up close and personal. Other than that I hope every building simulator fan out there gives this DLC a try because it’s jam-packed with considerations to be made definitely worth investigating! I have actually just started a build where the animals are going to take over the city because I’m one of those folks who have a hard time caging animals in so please excuse me while I go and turn Kiwiland into Zoolander! Happy building Y'all!
  • Free-form building is absolute joy
  • Loads of park options
  • Makes cities way more beautiful
  • Could use closer zooming
  • Freeform control is almost too in-depth
  • Still wish we could do a game with all DLC in one
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