Citizens of Space Launches Into Adventure Now

Citizens of Space, it is time to get off this rock launch into a new adventure. Now, you can save the Earth in Sega’s brand new RPG, available now on PC and console.

Coming to PlayStation®4, Xbox One™, Nintendo Switch™, and PC, Citizens of Space is the direct follow up to Sega’s Citizens of Earth RPG. It has just launched, and a brand new trailer for the space fairing title has dropped to accompany the event. Set out in the empty wilderness of the expanse, this sequel puts players in the shoes of the former Ambassador of Earth. When the Earth goes missing, it falls to you to do everything in your power to find the missing chunk of green, save the planet from whatever fate has befallen it, and get your job back.

With the day job at stake, and possibly the human populous, it takes more than just your wits to solve this quandary. Players will need to call on the support of humans, robots, and whomever else will heed your call. As an RPG, Citizens of Space provides  40 recruitable Citizens, each with their own role to fill in and out of combat. The battle system for this iteration of the franchise makes use of these citizens that relies on timing and reflex-based minigames rather than micromanagement.

These combat and character refinements are not the only new thing to this game. Citizens of Space opens up a whole host of new horizons, with a ton of new worlds to explore. Wacky, unusual, and plain silly worlds make a great place to take a vacation while you’re pondering the fate of the human race, or just adventuring.

Citizens of Space is out now. Ambassadors can find out more about heir mission over at the official website or grab the game from the PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, Microsoft Store, and Steam.

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