Civilization VI – January 2021 DLC Vietnam and Kublai Khan

As a part of the New Frontier Pass, Firaxis Games has announced a new DLC coming to Civilization VI on January 28. Titled Vietnam and Kublai Khan, it will add a new civilization to the game, a new alternate leader for two existing civilizations, a new game mode and a new district with two new buildings.

  • China and Mongolia civilizations receive an alternate leader, the jolly but ruthless conqueror Kublai Khan.
  • The new game mode is titled Monopolies and Corporations and will allow you to build your own economic empire.

Bà Triệu, also known as Triệu Thị Trinh or Lady Triệu, fought against the occupation of northern Vietnam by the Wu Kingdom in the early 200s AD. Wearing bright golden armor and wielding a sword in each hand, she became known–and feared–as “The Lady General Clad in Golden Robe.”


Bà Triệu’s unique ability, “Drive Out the Aggressors,” provides additional Combat Strength for units fighting in Rainforest, Marsh, or Woods tiles; this bonus is further increased for tiles owned by Vietnam. Beginning a turn in Rainforest, Marsh, or Woods also provides additional Movement, which is also further increased for tiles owned by Vietnam.


Vietnam features the unique Medieval era ranged unit, the Voi Chiến . This unit can move after attacking and has additional Movement. It is more expensive than the Crossbowman unit it replaces, but is stronger when defending and has greater sight.


This district offers additional Culture for each adjacent district. Once Flight is researched, the district generates Tourism equal to its Culture output. It does not require Population and is cheaper to build than the Encampment district it replaces.

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