Claire de Lune Rockets Onto Steam This Spring

You might want to get away from it all at the end of this year but you might not get quite what you expect as sci fi adventure Claire de Lune rockets onto Steam this spring.

Brought to life by Canadian studio Tactic Studios, Claire de Lune is the second major title from this outfit and a fully 3D adventure set in the outer reaches of the cosmos. Marooning its crew on a mysterious new world, you’ll need to navigate a range of obstacles and interactive puzzles to track down your missing daughter.

Anybody lucky enough to survive impact will find themselves in an impressive looking environment. Powered by tactic’s own custom Immortal Engine, you’ll make your way through a range of environments, aided by a quick witted ship’s AI and a versatile tool, known as a ‘Nanogun’. This powerful tool might look like it is used for blowing Covenant soldiers out of the sky but it is more of a toolkit than a rifle. While bounding between ledges and clambering through the interiors of abandoned structures, you will be able to use a range of modes to make it through in one piece. Whether that is producing temporary blocks to act as a cover or building bridges is entirely up to you.

It looks like there’s plenty of Portal styled gameplay on offer in Claire de Lune, yet tactic Studios is aiming for more than just a reskin of the valve classic. Claire de Lunemixes a blend of traditional point-and-click adventure-style, mini-games, platforming, with a touching storyline revolving around issues of failure, trust, and humanity. There’s plenty to like to look of here, and while we don’t have a price or exact release date yet, you can be sure there will be plenty of space for us all to crash land and escape off world when Claire de Lune launches this spring. Check out more over on the official Steam Store now.

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