Clash Of Clans Is The Most Profitable Game This Decade

clash of clans

Clash of Clans is the single most profitable app of the decade according to a report that just published and we’re not particularly surprised.

Coming from analysts at App Annie, the list of consumer spending throughout 2010-2019 is easy topped by the mobile title from developer Supercell. The list is entirely dominated by on the go games and that’s down to the nature of this report. The mobile-focused study features a great deal of detail about the use of mobile apps across the last ten years but finds that Supercell appears as both the number one and number ten app with Clash of Clans and Clash Royale consecutively.

Clash In

Other apps that feature on the top ten consumer spends of 2010-2019 include Monster Strike, an app that many of you won’t have heard of but is massive in Japan. Tencent’s controversial League of Legends look alike features at number 5 while Pokemon Go, the hugs mobile hit from Niantic is further down the list. You can see the full list bellow thanks to App Annie.

To give some perspective on the numbers involved here, since they are not detailed in full on the report brief, Supercell had a bad year in 2018 when they made $1.6 billion and profits of $635 million. The number ten app for consumer spending, Clash Royale, has already broken $2.5 Billion In Revenue since it launched around three years ago. These ridiculous numbers reflect the huge profits available in mobile gaming and explain why companies more aligned with traditional desktop experiences are bringing games like Black Desert Online and The Last Remnant Remastered to on the go platforms. You can check out more new mobile games here at gamespace or read up on the full report over at App Annie now.


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