Climbing, Weather, New Maps Headed Into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is going to be growing in a big way in the near future. During E3 this week, the team showed off some cool new features including climbing, weather effects and more.

Weather, Vaulting & Climbing PLUS New Maps

At the moment, PUKB features a single map, however, that can get a bit tiresome after awhile. Not to worry! The developers are working on a pair of new maps including one set in Peru, the other in the Adriatic.

In Peru, weather will change from time to time with wicked sandstorms that can reduce visibility. That’s a pretty significant liability in a survival shooter. In the Adriatic, snowfall can cause much of the same issue. This map also has a cool feature called the “cosmodrome” where weather can be changed manually. Other weather effects include fog and sunset.

Players will now be able to climb on top of structures as well as vault over them. The video shows off a player rolling off of cars, fences and along the ground. It’s a great way to escape those pesky bullets!

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