Clutch is the Latest Hero Set to Crush It in Quake Champions

Bethesda is ready to reveal Clutch, the latest character from Quake Champions. This bad ass has spent most of his robot-life in mines crushing rocks along with keeping human masters safe. But now that he’s “awake”, they’d better watch out.

What does Clutch bring to Quake Champions?

It’s pretty obvious that this is a melee tank character with the ability to cast a shield for himself and allies.

He can block incoming attacks with its Barrier active ability. Its large force-shield once was used to protect itself from organics and drills when mining, but in the Arena, it works as a solid defense against enemy Champions.

In addition, he can stand his ground with “Still Defense” that reduces damage 20% as long as he’s standing still or walking (no running for a tank!).

Players are already testing out Quake Champions since the start of the closed beta on April 6th. Bethesda has promised that more invites will be heading out soon. Anyone interested in applying can do so on the official site.

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