Cocos Cloud Gaming Is Coming For Stadia

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Cocos Cloud Gaming might not mean much to many of our readers but it seems this Chinese cloud gaming platform is out to melt the chocolate factory’s Stadia platform with an announcement at Chinajoy this weekend.

The name might sound something like a cross between a box of breakfast cereal and an off the wall anime show but put down JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and take a look at the details that gaming company Cocos released at this year’s ChinaJoy conference. The brand new Cocos Play platform is a cloud-based gaming service that falls into the same vein as the Google Stadia but with a difference. This is designed to deliver video game content to players across the growing 5G mobile communications network. Where Google launched its service as a home solution for AAA PC and console games, requiring a significant investment in hard infrastructure and local outlay, Cocos Play is pitched at the mobile gamer.

The CoCos Cloud Gaming platform is primarily built around the Huawei’s Qipeng chip and Taishan server architecture, allowing mobile gamers to access a click to play style service for even the most demanding mobile games. The team behind the new mobile gaming platform deemed Tencetnt’s action RPG Raziel and City of Sky from ChineseALL during Chinajoy. You can check out an example below.

It is no surprise that these games won’t require the same bandwidth capacity as Google’s Stadia. The Cocos solution needs just 20 Mbps, 5 Mbps less than Google’s minimum. PC games are planned for the future of the Cocos cloud gaming system and may give mobile gamers the option to lock and load over AAA shooters while on the go. Of course, we’ve already seen this achieved quite successfully by the team at Shadow with as little as 5Mbps 4G. If products like Stadia and of Coco’s are going to get me invested then they’re going to have to overshadow the competition in an extraordinary way. Keep your eyes here and we’ll keep you updated on this when we here more or head over to the Cocos website for more.

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