Battlefield V Gameplay Designer Banned From CoD: Black Ops 4

Now Unbanned!

DICE’s Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield V, Florian le Bihan, had found himself on the receiving end of banhammer in CoD: Black Ops 4. Bihan is a former pro eSports player with no shortage of skill, which could have lead to other players mistaking him for a cheater.

Florian le Bihan then published a video of himself playing and asking Treyarch to please unban, which the company eventually did.

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In general, the way Treyarch took Black Ops 4 was in the right direction.  No more absolute, over-the-top super overpowered abilities.  Everything is toned down to a more manageable level to improve not only gunplay, but gameplay overall.  Sure, you’ve got abilities that can give you wallhacks, but it’s not something that’s available constantly.  It comes in the form of specialists.  Specialists are characters chosen at the beginning of the match that have certain abilities attached to them.  Take Torque for example, he has razor wire and a magnetic shield that he can place down.  In Core, these aren’t much more than a hindrance.    In Hardcore, however, they kill you almost instantly.  Pair Torque’s abilities with Ajax, and  you can literally blockade an area preventing the enemy from moving in that direction altogether.  Basically forcing them into a tunnel of death.  Each specialist has their uses, with the intention of pairing them with the best possible combinations.  Which requires teamwork, and it’s Call of Duty, good luck with that!  I must say, again, that the specialist abilities, to me, were not that much of a threat in core.  They were more of a mere hindrance to my play rather than a threat.  Everything changed in hardcore.  Each and every ability the specialists bring to the table are deadly and need steady tactics to counter.  None, however, feel overpowered.  Take Torque’s Shield and Razor Wire for example, two rockets and they’re gone.  Everything basically has a counter, except Recon’s wallhacks…Yeah, Recon can give the entire team wallhacks for a few moments.  Long enough to get many kills for your team.  At first, I thought this system was over-complicated and convoluted.  As I gained more time in the game I’ve come to the realization that they really aren’t that complicated at all, and actually add a nice tactical edge to the game that was missing for a long time from the series.

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