Sharpen your swords! The Code of Princess Return is Extra Special

Code of Princess

Just in time for anybody finished with Shining Resonance Refrain, another unique Japanese adventure is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Monsters, bandits, heroes, and fallen angels all made up the enormous cast of the original Code of Princess back in 2012. Now it is back and ready for another round with a whole inventory full of updates.

Set in the kingdom of DeLuxia, this uniquely eastern hack and slash follows the Princess Solange Blanchefleur de Lux as she is ousted from her home by a horde of monsters. Finding a plague of adversaries across the land, players must guide the princess in her quest to restore order. Incorporating RPG mechanics, epic storylines, and a manic hack and slash approach Code of Princess Ex has a ton of content ready to take on. Unlockable quest lines, a co-op mode, and over fifty playable characters should mean there is plenty to do, even for the most eager adventurer.

The newest iteration of this title comes curtsey of a brand new publisher, Nicalis, and has a host of updates. Rebalanced enemies, smarter AI, gameplay tweaks, and a brand new progression system for your characters are just some of these additions. The original Code of Princess was huge and this looks like it could be an equally big endeavor. Anybody desperate to take on Code of Princess Ex right away can get it on the Nintendo eShop while the physical edition holds a few extras. A full-color instruction booklet and a 3-inch CD soundtrack sampler are included for anybody able to get their hands on the retail version. Code of Princess Ex is out now.

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