Coffee Talk Creator Releases What Comes After On Steam

What Comes After, a brand new tale from the creator of Coffee Talk, in collaboration with Rolling Glory Jam, is out now on PC and you won’t want to sit on this one.

Following the indie hit that was the caffeine-fuelled narrative of Coffee talk, it looks like we’re about to get something a little different. What Comes After is a side-scrolling adventure and something of a heartwarming tale about learning to love who you are. Colored in some cute animation, this ride takes us on a journey with the main character Vivi, who finds herself on a slightly spooky train. This isn’t a late Halloween entry, however. Instead, Vivi is on a train to the afterlife.

During What Comes After, you’ll ride alongside the souls of the people, animals, and plants that are on their way to leave this world. There’s an option to talk to them about love, regrets, life, and death. The same stuff that haunts many of us day in and out. Throughout What Comes After, players will help Vivi navigate these encounters along this side-scrolling train ride and hopefully make it back to the realm of the living in the end.

Much like Coffee Talk, we’re not expecting this to be a long tale, but certainly to be a lot more profound than blowing away hellspawn in the latest DOOM expansion. If you’re looking for something a bit more thoughtful from a team that already impressed us with their previous work, then you can head over to the What Comes After Steam Store page to pick it up for 20% during its launch window or check out the trailer for What Comes After above for a glimpse of what’s to come.

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