What Is Shenmue? Combat And Mini-Games Detailed In Shenmue I & II Video Series

What is Shenmue? On August 21st you’ll find out or should we say “(re-)find” out as Sega re-releases Shenmue I & II on several platforms. Building up to the re-release Sega has been working with the English voice of Ryo Hazuki and Corey Marshall to create deep-dive videos about all things Shenmue. This week Part 3 was released as Corey walks us through combat systems and the different mini-games players can spend time within the world in Shenmue I & II.

If you missed the previous episodes, you can catch up on Part 1 detailing the saga’s story, and the second video which looks at the different key characters in Shenmue.

In Part 3 of the video series,

Ryo Hazuki is a Jiu Jitsu master-in-training, spending his spare time busting up bad guys or sparring with his friends. In Shenmue I & II, you’ll use and unlock real Jiu Jitsu moves that you can level up throughout and transfer between both games – which will come in useful as the enemies become tougher throughout the saga. Beyond stunning Jiu Jitsu moves, you will need great reflexes to progress through Ryo’s quest of retribution. Players will be able to experience first-hand the very first Quick Time Events, which Shenmue introduced to the gaming world.

But it’s not all about street fights and martial arts practice for Ryo – he must unwind as well. Shenmue’s arcades have fully working versions of all-time classic games, so you can try your hand at Space Harrier – and if outside activities are more your thing, enter a forklift (or duck) race.

About Shenmue I & II

A tale of revenge. In 1986, teenage jujitsu artist Ryo Hazuki returns to the dojo of his father, Iwao Hazuki, only to witness his murder by a Chinese man, Lan Di. Lan Di steals a mysterious artifact known as the Dragon Mirror. Ryo vows to avenge his father’s death and sets out tracing Lan Di’s path. Originally released for the Dreamcast in 2000 / 2001, Shenmue I & II is an open world action adventure that combines jujitsu combat, investigative sleuthing, RPG elements, and memorable mini-games. The world feels alive as you’re able to talk to anyone, scour the world for clues as NPCs live independent lives on their own schedule.

Some Of The Re-Release’s Features
  • Updated user interface
  • Choice of modern or classic controls
  • Japanese audio available for the first time for a global audience
  • Fully scalable screen resolutions

Shenmue I & II is available August 21st on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Shenmue I & II is now available for pre-order digitally on Steam, Xbox Marketplace and PSN with a 10% discount, and from SEGA approved digital retailers*. The physical edition is available to pre-order from US and EMEA retailers.

For all the latest information on Shenmue I & II, go to shenmue.sega.com/

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