Commemorate Final Fantasy XIV Online With A Free 7th Anniversary photograph

Final Fantasy XIV Online 7th Anniversary Photograph

Fans of Final Fantasy XIV Online can now celebrate the 7th anniversary of the MMORPG by grabbing a free limited edition print of their own on-screen moments.

If you happened to grab a free copy of FFXIV earlier this year then you might have another freebie coming up. Final Fantasy XIV Online has been through a long and varied history, but now fans of the massively successful MMORPG can set their favorite moments in stone, or glossy paper. From now until 10 AM 24 August 2020, players around the globe will have the chance to receive a limited edition print of one of their fondest moments in-game. They can participate in this promotion by visiting the Final Fantasy XIV Online 7th Anniversary Digital Scrapbook site, where they can upload their favorite screenshot from in-game.

Telling their own tale of Final Fantasy XIV Online, players and free companies can the first 1000 adventurers to submit a photo that meets the current guidelines for this promotion will have a commemorative border placed around them and be printed and shipped as high-quality photographs to the player free of charge. Gamers might not be meeting in person at conventions this year but they will still be able to grab a snapshot in-game for the scrapbook.

Winner Winner

In addition, the top 10 photos from each region will be gathered into a celebratory digital gallery, set for release on the anniversary itself on 27th August. The judges form the Final Fantasy XIV Online team will pick the most fitting. Even if you aren’t first you can still be best. Players with all versions of the current game can participate in this promotion and grab an in-game photo across the three applicable regions. The participating territories and their allocations are:

  • The UK and Ireland – 1,000 photos
  • Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland – 1,000 photos
  • Australia and New Zealand – 1,000 photos

To find out more, upload your own memory, and grab a 7th anniversary photograph, head over to the Final Fantasy XIV Online site now to find out more about this celebration and the upcoming 7th anniversary on 27 August.


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