Community Feedback Integral in The Waylanders New Update

Gato Salvaje Studio has announced the release of a brand new early access update to the Steam version of The Waylanders. The patch comes packed with fixes, additions, and new features suggested by the community. Players can look for improvements to combat, new cinematics, UI improvements, and a host of bug fixes.

“Since our Early Access launch, we’ve been talking with players and listening to their feedback in our Discord, Steam community forums, and on social media. We’ve included quite a few suggestions on how to improve our game in previous updates, but today’s release is entirely focused on community feedback.” said The Waylanders Creative Director, Serio Prieto. “Combat has been overhauled to feel more intuitive and tactical, character levels now give bigger leaps in progression, and the equipment you use will have more of an impact. We’ll continue to keep these conversations going with the community and you’ll see more improvements in future updates.”

The dev team has plans for two more game updates through the winter months as detailed in the game’s roadmap. Devs plan to continue to implement community feedback with new character origins, the addition of photo mode, and localization in a number of languages including Spanish, Latin American Spanish, French, German, Simplified Chines, Russian, and Galician.

Read all of the details on The Waylanders Steam page.

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