Conan Exiles Expansion Revealed & It’s Coming Soon

Funcom has announced the first expansion for Conan Exiles. The expansion is called Isle of Siptah and it’s coming to the game sooner than one might expect. The company has plans to release the new expansion into early access for PC starting September 15th.

Isle of Siptah offers everyone a fresh start with a new character where the story begins. The land is engulfed in magical storms and packed with eldritch creatures. Players will find over a dozen new dungeons (vaults), “surges of sorcery that spawn vile creatures and NPCs, and an ominous dark tower surrounded by a magical storm”. Players will find new ways to experience survival and will be able to summon portals that will drag NPCs from the Exiled Lands to this new location. They’ll doubtless be thrilled.

Other features of the expansion include:

  • two new building sets with a pirate theme
  • the rhinocerous mount
  • early access grants the War-torn Rhino Mount skin

To celebrate the announcement of the expansion, Funcom will be hosting a Steam free play weekend that is running from now through Monday, September 14th. In addition, the game can be purchased for 65% off and all progress will be retained.

Devs will also be hosting an Isle of Siptah stream today at 8:00 am Pacific / 11:00 am Eastern on Twitch.

Check out the Conan Exiles official site to learn more about Isle of Siptah.

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