Conan Exiles Is Free To Play This Weekend

conan exiles free

It is Friday and I’m done already. Time to take a break as Funcom’s Conan Exiles takes this sandbox survival free to play for the weekend.

Off the back of the latest Riders of Hyboria update, Conan Exiles is celebrating the introduction of mounts by giving players the option of trying out the game for free. The free play period has already bolted the stable and the door won’t shut again until Monday. Players who want to get a taste of combat and see all your enemies crushed before you can find the game over on Steam. This offer only appears to be good for PC warlords and as an added incentive to stay, you’ll find the game at a 60% discount over the next few days.

Free Fire

Conan Exiles is not the only Conan spin-off game that has hit the market but it is certainly one of the more well-received. Starting life as an Early Access title in 2017, it married the idea of hardcore survival genes with the IP that made Arnold a movie star. As players drop into this world they will build their character across desert landscapes and decimated landscapes as they build an empire, explore loot-filled dungeons, and take part in epic sieges.

The Riders of Hyboria update hit recently and added mounts and mounted combat into the game. Along with a slew of new weapons and thrall companions, the Riders update means that now players will be able t see their enemies crushed under hoof. For anybody not armed with a PC or a steam account, you’ll be able to take on Conan Exiles on Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in the meantime. You can find out more about Conan Exiles and the recent updates over at the official Conan website.


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